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Digital rectal examination is a simple procedure performed by the health practitioner to detect any abnormalities in the lower rectum, the surrounding organs in the lower abdomen and the pelvis. The health practitioner uses a lubricated, gloved finger to feel for swelling, nodularity, fissures and other abnormalities.

The attending health practitioner often begins the examination with a visual inspection of the genital and the anal regions for excoriations, fissures, swellings, blood and other visible abnormalities. He then ask the patient to assume the appropriate position, he then gently glides his gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum, feeling for swellings, consistency and tenderness. During the rectal examination, the doctor may also collect stool sample to test for blood in the stool.

If the rectal examination reveals a swollen, tender and boggy prostate, the problem is most likely prostatitis. Prostate carcinoma often present with characteristic findings of hard, irregular and nodular tissue. But indurations may also occur in benign prostatic hyperplasia, or focal infarcts in the prostate. . Extensions of the prostatic tissue into the seminal vesicles in some cases of prostate cancer can often be detected in rectal examination. But, not all problems of the prostate can be felt through the rectum.

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Digital Rectal Exam

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Digital Rectal Examination

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